MLD promotes healing of fractures, muscle strains/tears, torn ligaments, bruising or swelling.MLD is an excellent therapy for improving recovery time from sports injuries as well as helping to reduce the pain associated with bruising and swelling.

After injury,the body starts to protect and repair the areas of damaged tissue by releasing histamines and other substances.It also works very hard to transport cell debris and toxins away from the injury site via the lymphatic system.MLD can stimulate the lymphatic system to be able to process more fluid and can increase the speed of lymph flow from 8-12 beats per min to 35 bpm. This means that the recovery time from injury is significantly faster.

MLD also allows vital nutrients to get to the damaged cells to help them repair. The transport of these substances is hindered when there is a lot of swelling, as the interstitial fluid hinders this exchange. With the toxins and histamines encouraged to move away from the injury site, the pain associated with the swelling decreases. After strenuous exertion, the body releases a number of hormones, chemicals and lactic acid to allow it to cope with the activity and then assist it's recovery.MLD can help with speeding up this process, as well as lessening muscle fatigue, soreness and stiffness.MLD can achieve impressive results for patients with traumatic oedemas ie: sprains, strains, fractures and haematomas.

Many olympic athletes are now requiring their therapists to have training in MLD/CDT to help address the physical demands of high performance athletes.

Benefits for Sports Professional/Enthusiasts

  • Performance enhancement
  • Reduced recovery time between training sessions
  • Reduced healing time for injuries

Other Conditions :